Cheryl Matsen-Nieves
Series 1 Battle of the Beetle

A fantasy action packed adventure for middle readers/tweens.
This series is simply character introduction and development which I guide the reader through with the use of dialogue. 

Journey on with Raphael and Haniel to fight the evil that surrounds them and, in this story, the evil is a gigantic beetle. But, it is Frogeye, the one-eyed frog friend, who suddenly grows more than one eye and saves the day. The magical tree, known as Sister Seven, has a great sense of humor and manages to keep the rest of the mismatched troupe of adventures in line. Read on as another adventure develops as the cast search for some magic to heal the wounds inflicted by the beetle. And, yes again, it is the one-eyed frog, Frogeye who plays a significant part. 

This imaginative story should keep readers giggling and reading further as the adventures battle bravely on despite the overwhelming odds. The Journey Beyond is a whimsical New Age tale that is original and entertaining.

Readers Favorite recommended reading for children who love fantasy combined with lots of action and adventure.

Also Available on Smartphones and Tablets.  

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See what awaits the warriors as the journey continues. What does Sister Seven, the African American, hilarious talking tree, put in her famous soup? What mischief does Frogeye, the three eyed frog, get himself into with the purple python? Travel through the geode with Haniel and Wolvarith plummeting into darkness across time and into another dimension. What awaits these two brave warriors on the other side? Will they be victorious?

Join me on this fun filled magical journey as an adventure awaits!

Series 2 Universal Truths

Take a trip to other dimensions with a diverse group of young travelers. Sir Raphael and Skylar, his regal horse, are joined by Haniel and Wolvarith, the great wolf warrior, along with Frogeye and Wise Old Owl. Protecting all of them is sassy Sister Seven, the elm tree.

Raphael is on a quest to regain his parents’ kingdom. The group are given magical crystal beans that will aid them in their journey.

Each crystal coincides with one of the entrances to magical geodes that will bring them to other dimensions and wild adventures as they learn and grow together. 

In the end they learn the Seven Values of the Kingdom, which every reader in any dimension will enjoy.

Add & Subtract With Hairy Hank

Add and Subtract with Hairy Hank the fun loving hippo using a ball and jacks. The rhyming text and bouncing ball make learning math easy and fun! Ideal for ages 3 to 6 years. Educational combined with imagination and play. 
Series 3 The Journey Beyond Seven Values of the Kingdom 
Sister Seven moseyed on over to where Wolvarith, Wise Old Owl, and Skylar lay fast asleep. “Would you look at this hot mess over here. Um, um, um. Not happening on my watch. Lord have mercy on my trunk. I’ll just start snappin’ and a-clappin’ and wake them straight up. Let’s do this! Let’s go tell Raphael and Haniel that we are willing to go through the next geode—and all the geodes—together!”
Sassy Sister Seven
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